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The Profile Widget can be used to display performer profiles such as Artists, Speakers, Panelists, Workshop Organisers and any other type of Profile.

This widget can also be used to display Vendor Profiles such as Market Stalls or Food Stalls.

Settings for this widget will determine how profiles are shown on the home page, in the list and also the detailed profile page.

Widget Settings

  • Default Thumbnail - this is used to display a default image, for when the profile doesn't have a specific image
  • Hide Thumbnails - Choose not to show profile images on left side in profile list
  • Include Search - Include the search icon in the top right, which allows searching of artists by name
  • Include Filter - Include button in bottom right to filter by tags ( Ie Rock, Jazz, Workshop )
  • Include Star Rating - Allow the user to rate the profile 1- 5 stars.
  • Include Favourites Button - Allow the user to favourite a profile, which also gives the user the option to add the schedule times to the planner for that profile
  • Hide Schedule End Times - The will change the way schedule times are displayed, so that the end time is not shown. You can choose to hide end times if you think the end time may vary, but still want to include the schedule time in the whats on now display on the home page.
  • Hide Schedule Tags - Choose whether to hide or show the schedule tags under the schedule information on the profile page

Event Data

To add profiles to the profile widget, you will need to click the Add Event Data button on the top right corner of the widget page.

You will then be able to add profiles or remove profiles from the widget. The left side of the pop-up includes artists that aren't current added to the widget, and the right side has artists that are currently displayed on the widget.

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